It has been proven that learning a foreign language improves children's creativity, IQ score, problem-solving skills, and more. The best time for children to pick up a second language is while they are still learning their mother tongue - but the problem is children at this age need to be taught in a very specific way in order for their new knowledge to “stick”. That is why we created EMYS™: the lovable, 15” tall social robot who lets you take advantage of the short window that kids have for optimal language learning. EMYS offers a totally new, highly effective way to introduce your little one to the world of the second language you would like him or her to learn - in a way that feels just like hanging out with a new best friend!

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    EMYS’ innovative robotic engine recognizes children's facial expressions and movements, asking your child to perform certain tasks and press specific “Smart Tags” up against the display in his base to demonstrate their understanding of new phrases. This kind of multifaceted, personal, game-like interaction builds an authentic rapport and sense of camaraderie similar to what a child would feel toward an older sibling. Thanks to the touch sensors on his body, EMYS will reward your child’s progress with dynamic, real-time reactions that thrill, delight, and provide tangible feedback that children can literally feel - which means they won’t forget what they have learned.

    Most parents who want their children to learn a second language turn to iPad apps, computer games, flashcards, or sit their little ones in front of TV shows that might feature a brief language-based segment or two. But children have short attention spans, and anything that does not engage all their senses, or feel truly “real” to them, will offer disappointing results in terms of your child retaining what he or she has been told or shown. We created EMYS as an answer to this problem, driven by a vision to provide parents with a way to enhance their children's experience of language learning. Now we are gearing up to expand on EMYS’ capabilities as the world’s most lovable language tutor.

You know you want your child to learn a second language, and you have heard that it makes sense to start them young, but how do you avoid overwhelming your little one - or wasting money on language instruction that he or she may not be ready for?

Until now, it has been hard to know how to give children the best advantage when it comes to picking up a new language, but we believe that EMYS is the answer!

EMYS is a remarkably emotionally expressive language tutor who engages all your child’s senses through a learning modality known as TPR (Total Physical Response). EMYS expertly guides children to learn English, through exciting interactions that bring joy and magic to each day, while increasing self-esteem.

Based on our own extensive research, as well as studies conducted by reputable educational institutions, EMYS solves language learning issues by encouraging children to interact in the target language in a real world. A recent Yale University study demonstrated that having a physical robot tutor (such as EMYS) increases learning gains for students, and we have observed the same results in our tests. EMYS is the world’s first child-friendly robotic language tutor that children naturally gravitate toward and quickly bond with, delivering a never-before seen, immersive-yet-accessible way for them to learn a second language as part of their daily playtime.

EMYS can boost your child's self-esteem and sense of fun now, while laying a solid foundation for their future success in an increasingly globalized world, where bilingualism is a huge asset and a tremendous advantage.

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