We are a small, dedicated team of robotics researchers, engineers, designers, and teachers based out of Wrocław, Poland. We’ve spent years building and perfecting social robots, having been inspired by their potential to touch lives as we took part in various studies at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. We have both applied for and participated in various national and European research projects, which has given us the chance to collaborate with several different interdisciplinary and international consortia.



We first developed the EMYS™ concept in 2009, and over time, our prototypes got better and better, with our software allowing EMYS to operate autonomously and become a believable companion. We are also proud to have developed a full-sized robot called FLASH. It now serves as a research platform at the Robotarium laboratory in Edinburgh.



We firmly believe that the right place for a social robot is at home, and after working with robots in laboratories for many years, we came to the conclusion that our technology is ready to make that a reality! That decision led to our setting up a company in order to bring EMYS to market. As researchers, we didn’t have much entrepreneurial experience, so we were honored to be accepted into the HAX accelerator, in the heart of Shenzhen, China, often referred to as “the Silicon Valley of hardware”. HAX is a highly competitive program that is known to have a lower acceptance rate than Stanford or Harvard. Here's a sneak peek at what we accomplished during our time in Shenzhen at HAX: 

At HAX, we met fantastic advisors and mentors who helped us to develop EMYS into a commercially viable product, and connected us with key players in the Chinese manufacturing ecosystem. Thanks to our adventures at HAX, today, we are extremely focused on just one task as it relates to robotics: teaching foreign languages, and doing it well! Both our time spent as researchers at the university in Wrocław, and the 4 months we spent in China, made us realize the true importance of learning foreign languages. 


We started cooperating with the Spell Languages school. Their approach to teaching foreign language is a very personal journey of learning, fun and creativity for every student. Thanks to this cooperation, we taught EMYS many new tricks. Now, we are working on finding the best ways of using our robot with groups of children. This will help EMYS find a place in schools and kindergartens.


We are also parents who, like all parents, want the best for our children. We strongly believe that the technology we have developed and transformed into EMYS has the potential to revolutionize language learning for kids, and to improve their quality of life for the rest of their lives.

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