To be effective, learning should take place everyday in a way that engages all the children's senses.

It is best if you can start learning foreign languages when you are learning your first language.

1000 words is enough to communicate well in a foreign language. EMYS can teach one foreign word per day.

Learning foreign languages is scientifically proven to improve intelligence, creativity and problem solving skills.


EMYS™ is the most advanced educational robot in the world with a friendly appearance and outstanding interactive capabilities. Thanks to his unique shape, he is always well received by kids. He is physical, can move, speak, see your kid and he is able to express emotions, your kids can identify with him on an entirely new level. He uses real human emotions which enables him to form a real bond with your child. EMYS can become a part of the kids' world, full of wonder, characters, imagination. EMYS makes all these characters enter the room.

EMYS is specifically designed to address the unique learning preferences of kids aged 3 to 7, which is the optimal time to learn a second language. During this phase of life, children’s brains are primed to begin assimilating the meanings of words. But while kids are “sponges” at this age, they need to be taught in a very particular way.


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